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Delivering innovative solvent recycling services and technologies for over 20 years.

About CleanPlanet Chemical

The CleanPlanet Chemical model for on-site solvent recycling can be traced back more than twenty years, when we introduced our first line of chemical recycling equipment. Today’s products, utilizing PrecisionDistillationTM technology, represent a rebirth—ushering in a new era of responsible and sustainable chemical waste management.

We challenged ourselves to address the three most critical obstacles facing the marketplace:



Traditional distillation technology offered by other solvent recycling companies was limited in the types of chemicals that could be recovered and most importantly by the quality of the output. Solvent recovery would never reach mass adoption if the quality could not stand up to virgin.



Customers often did not have the available capital to purchase solvent recycling equipment. And when funds were available, either the customer couldn’t justify the ROI associated with purchasing a unit or didn’t have the desire to go through the lengthy, complex capital approval process.



Companies that did purchase equipment soon learned that their units required frequent adjustments in order to optimize chemical quality and maximize throughput. Maintenance and management requirements further complicated ownership, so inevitably the equipment was tucked away in a remote corner of the facility, never to be used again.

Our People

Dennis Mount​

Founder and Chairman

Dennis is a pioneer in the small-scale chemical recycling industry with numerous patents, a 20+ year track record of innovation and is the recipient of the 40 under 40 Business Award and the SEMA Best Product Award in 2010.

Alex Richert​


Alex is an industry veteran who has held several key positions in the hazardous waste industry. Prior to joining CleanPlanet, Alex served as the General Manager of Cleaning Technologies at Safety-Kleen, managing a $300MM business unit and served as CEO of ChemChamp North America.

Alex is a graduate of Duke University & Harvard Business School.

Trent Staats​

COO & President

Trent is a successful entrepreneur, founding the first company to engage in remote monitoring of the US power system. Before joining CleanPlanet, Trent was a senior executive at Verenium, a publically-traded “green” chemical company. Trent holds a PhD in Electrical Engineering from UT Austin and an MBA from Harvard Business School.

Joe Brassaw​

Vice President, Sales

Joe is a long-time industry veteran with over 20+ years of experience in various leadership roles. Prior to joining ChemChamp, he led sales for the Eastern US and National Accounts at Safety-Kleen, accountable for $250MM in revenue and managing a 250 person sales team.

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Begin to reduce costs, waste and liabilities the modern way.


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