Benefits: If you are recycling off-site

Whether you’re not currently recycling, operating your own solvent recycler, or sending your waste away to be processed, you will benefit from Service365 by CleanPlanet.


While less expensive than not recycling, once all of the additional fees and transportation costs are included, recycling off-site is never as cost-effective as recycling on-site.

With CleanPlanet there are no capital expenses or extra fees, you simply pay by the gallon for the clean solvent that is produced at a lower cost.


From transportation, to storage, to processing, your solvent is coming into contact with other contaminants.

Recycling on-site with CleanPlanet means no chance of cross-contamination. Our PrecisionDistillation™ technology produces recycled solvent as good or better than the virgin product you purchased.


Recycling off-site requires you to tie up working capital with additional solvent inventory and uses valuable space in your facility as you wait for pickups & deliveries. Weather and vendor reliability add uncertainty to your supply chain.

With CleanPlanet, your waste is processed immediately after generation, freeing up significant floor space. In fact, your solvent never leaves your facility, meaning you don’t need to hold waste or store more solvent than you need. You are always in complete control of your supply chain.


When generating, storing, or shipping waste your business takes on risk. Cradle to grave liability for hazardous waste means you are legally responsible for any mishap, even if the waste is out of your control.

Recycling on-site with CleanPlanet drastically reduces your liability.

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