Benefits: If you are recycling on-site

Whether you’re not currently solvent recycling, operating your own solvent recycler, or sending your waste off-site to be processed, you will benefit from Service365 by CleanPlanet.


When managing your own on-site solvent distillation the costs add up. Extended downtime for maintenance, lost days from operator issues, virgin substitution due to poor solvent quality, and diminishing yield as your unit ages and is under-maintained. When you add it all together, the average customer leaks $50,000-$100,000 per year in savings.

Service365 minimizes these value leaks once and for all. If you are not producing high quality solvent, we are not making money either. We are perfectly aligned in your success.


Operating your solvent recycling unit is a dirty job and no one wants to do it. Because solvent distillation is not your facility’s most important daily goal, it does not get actively managed. The result is significant value leakage.

With Service 365, we help manage your process through real-time monitoring to ensure you are always maximizing your recycling operation so that you can focus your time on what matters most.


Your existing on-site solvent recovery process is losing important components of your solvent blend and producing discolored solvent. This impacts cleaning performance and confidence in the product.

Our tight process control and real-time performance feedback help produce virgin-like solvent. But to ensure you’re always getting the best product, we’ve also designed automated quality control into our solvent recovery technology. If there is any discoloration or contamination in the recovered solvent, our recyclers will automatically reprocess it.


Maybe you have been successful in balancing the onerous demands that come with on-site solvent recycling, but as priorities change or key employees leave, your recycling operation will inevitably decline.

With CleanPlanet, you have a long-term partner that is completely aligned with your success. If you are not saving money or operating efficiently then we aren’t making money either.

AlwaysClean 350 smart solvent recycler

Begin to reduce solvent costs, waste, and liabilities the modern way!


Begin to reduce costs, waste and liabilities the modern way.


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