Benefits: If you aren’t recycling.

Whether you’re not currently recycling, operating your own solvent recycler, or sending your waste away to be processed, you will benefit from Service365 by CleanPlanet.


Your waste solvent is valuable. Over 80% can be recovered for reuse.  By sending it for disposal you are losing that value. Even worse, you are paying someone to get rid of it.

By using Service365 you’ll significantly reduce your solvent purchase and waste disposal costs.


If you’re sending your waste away for disposal rather than recycling, chances are it’s being incinerated and released into our air as a greenhouse gas. 

Our technology drastically reduces your carbon footprint by recycling your spent solvents again and again. Every five gallons recovered has the same impact on the environment as planting a tree.


By generating, storing, and/or shipping hazardous waste your business takes on risk. Cradle to grave liability means you are legally responsible for any mishap, even if the waste is out of your possession. 

Recycling on-site with CleanPlanet drastically reduces your waste, which in turn reduces your liability.

AlwaysClean 350 smart solvent recycler

Begin to reduce solvent costs, waste, and liabilities the modern way!


Begin to reduce costs, waste and liabilities the modern way.


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