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Curious about what makes our solvent recyclers so unique? After years of research and development our team has created a distillation unit that ticks every box. Yes, our machines are easy to use, deliver higher quality solvent, and are loaded with safety features.

But we do every one of these better than competitors units. Plus we’ve created the industry’s only solvent recycling reporting system that tells you exactly how well your machine is performing and notifies you whenever it needs attention.

Keep reading to find out what makes CleanPlanet’s solvent recyclers the best in the industry.

Discover How We Compare to Other Solvent Recyclers

Many Solvent recyclers have remained unchanged for decades.  Ours, on the other hand, have spent years being redesigned, tested, and refined to deliver the highest yield and best quality recycled solvent in the industry.

Take a look at the table below to see exactly how our machines compare. Then contact our team to find out which machine is right for your facility

Features CleanPlanet PRI Renzmann

Units designed to measure solvent yield

Unit Has over 50 sensors for component and safety monitoring

Less than 15 sensors
Less than 20 sensors

Configurable real-time operations and safety notifications via email or SMS text

Sensors are remotely monitored to ensure maintenance needs are identified prior to failure (or quickly upon failure) to ensure superior uptime

Still bottom discharge – 4 drum capacity
automated – easier, less labor, odor free, safer operation

1 drum at a time. Requires operator to be present or to change drums to complete discharge process. Do have a pumpable sludge transfer option.
1 drum, or container, at a time. Requires an operator to be present if optional automated discharge is not selected.

Vapor Management System – no odor
solvent vapors captured – safer operation

No - vented to atmosphere
No - vented to atmosphere

Colorimeter for quality control – allows for use as viscosity control solvent

Online Management Tool for Monitoring, Tracking, Notifications and Reporting

Continuous Real Time Calculation of ROI

Unit Available to Test Drive at No Charge for Two Weeks

Lead Time – Immediately Available

3+ Months
4+ Months

Yield Management

Our machines are the only ones in the industry that actively measure yield and track it over time.

So you know exactly how much recycled solvent you get out of every batch. And it means you can see exactly how much money you’re saving.

Operators Actually Like Using It

We designed our machine with the operator in mind, which means they actually enjoy using our machine.

From the odor free environment to the automatic notifications when the machine needs attention, our units need less attention than the competition.

Top Quality Solvent

Our unique vapor management system allows us to recover all of the chemistry of the solvent, delivering a higher quality solvent.

Which means less makeup solvent needs to be purchased and less waste needs to be shipped.

Hands Off Maintenance Program

Free up your maintenance department to work on other projects.

Our field engineer performs quarterly safety and maintenance visits and our 24/7 monitoring allows us to quickly identify and resolve small issues.

One of a Kind Athena Online System

Find out exactly how well your machine is performing at any time with the Athena online system.

Not only does it deliver comprehensive reporting tools that no one else in the industry produces, but it also delivers timely notifications whenever the unit needs attention.

State of the Art Safety Features

With 50 plus sensors, our onboard computer is continually collecting and analyzing every detail of the recycling process to ensure your machine is operating safely.

Our machines include a vapor management system, multiple built in redundancies, automatic still bottom discharge and more.

Find out how much you could save by switching to CleanPlanet's Service365 program.

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AlwaysClean 350 smart solvent recycler

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Begin to reduce costs, waste and liabilities the modern way.


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