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Check out the videos below to learn how easy it is to save money by recycling your solvent with CleanPlanet.

8 Reasons to Recycle with CleanPlanet

If you’re looking to improve how your operation manages solvent waste then you need to switch to CleanPlanet. Here are 8 reasons why recycling with CleanPlanet is the right choice.

MyCleanPlanet: Your Recycling
Web Tool

Is your solvent recycler saving you money? How much waste are you shipping? Is the yield of your machine dropping as it gets older? Without a tracking system you have no way of answering these questions. Introducing MyCleanPlanet, a web tool designed to capture key data from CleanPlanet’s advanced solvent recyclers and to put that information in your hands.

How Our Solvent Recycling Service Works

From day one, CleanPlanet Chemical makes it easy. With Service365 we provide you the equipment, installation, optimization, 24/7 monitoring, maintenance, and upgrades. All you pay for is the clean solvent that comes out of the machine.

How to use Our Solvent Recyclers

The AlwaysClean is the world’s most advanced solvent recycler. With as little as ten minutes a day of your time you can recycle your solvent waste.

Recycling with Totes and Tanks

If larger storage is what you need, CleanPlanet has you covered. The AlwaysClean works seamlessly with drums, totes, and tanks. 


Begin to reduce costs, waste and liabilities the modern way.