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Canflexographics: A New Canadian Partner

CleanPlanet has partnered with Canflexographics, a leading distributor of flexographic capital equipment and peripherals. bringing a new era of responsible and sustainable chemical waste management

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How Flexible Packagers Find Environmental Savings in Solvent Waste

Proper monitoring of your solvent recycling equipment allows you to maximize the uptime and yield of your recycling operation while providing you with the transparency you’ve been lacking. With these tools you can find greater environmental efficiencies in your business.

Best Practices
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4 Ways to Size Your Solvent Recovery Unit

On-site Solvent recovery is easier than you think. But before you purchase a recycler or sign up for CleanPlanet’s solvent recycling service, you need to determine the capacity your recycler will require. There are four criteria that must be examined to determine a solvent recovery unit’s required processing capacity: volume of solvent waste, uptime, boiling point, and percentage of contaminate.

Best Practices
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Is Your Solvent Waste Wasting Your Money?

Recycling your solvent waste onsite is a great way to save money. But if you aren’t tracking the still bottoms produced by your solvent recovery system then chances are you’re paying too much for disposal costs.

solvent recycling myths
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Common Solvent Recycling Myths Busted

Have you bought in to one of these solvent recycling myths? Learn why these myths are no longer true and discover a new option in solvent recycling.


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