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The world has advanced considerably over the last 30 years, the solvent distillation industry hasn’t. That’s one of the reasons we set out to reinvent solvent recycling. CleanPlanet offers the industry’s most advanced, easiest to use, and safest means of producing virgin-like quality solvent from your waste. Our line of smart solvent distillation equipment with patented PrecisionDistillation™ technology optimally integrates with any production environment.


The data from each of the 40+ sensors is sent in real-time to our Athena web portal. A combination of pressure, temperature, voltage, and other specialized sensors allow our engineers to monitor and optimize your solvent still system 24/7. 

Our monitoring system provides us the ability to target issues long before they become problems. We’ll make a real-time adjustment or dispatch a technician before there is any disruption to your operation.

Athena also allows you to manage your operation by providing real-time performance information, cost savings and environmental impact, and customizable reporting.


You don’t have the time to manage your solvent recycling, so we do it for you with our automated solvent distillation technology. Gone are the days of pumping waste, cleaning stills, and manually removing still bottoms. 

Over 40 sensors and advanced control algorithms are used to automatically recover your solvent waste. Your waste is automatically drawn into the solvent distillation machine, measured, recycled, quality controlled, and deposited into your clean solvent vessel. Even the still bottoms are automatically ejected into drums for easy disposal. Our solvent still system needs less than ten minutes a day of your attention.


In the past hazardous waste distillation has provided facilities with substandard quality. Oftentimes the recycled solvent would be tinted or stripped of necessary components. The result is a solvent that just can’t do the job you need it to do.  

Our advanced, patented technology prevents contamination or discoloring and maintains the chemical composition of your original solvent. 

Internal systems ensure that your recovered solvent will be as high, and often higher, quality than the virgin material you originally purchased.


In the past, the average distillation machine would put the operator in direct contact with pungent vapors or hot and dangerous chemicals. The result was an unsafe environment that made operators hesitant to use their recycler.

Vacuum operation, integrated secondary containment, and our VMX Vapor Management technologies mean no hot, dirty chemicals or pungent vapors come in contact with employees. The difference is immediately clear when you walk into a room where our stills are operating: no smell, no chemicals, and no worries.

Most importantly, our solvent distillation service, Service365, provides proactive monitoring in real-time, ensuring that unknown issues don’t become real problems.

AlwaysClean 350 smart solvent recycler

Begin to reduce solvent costs, waste, and liabilities the modern way!


Begin to reduce costs, waste and liabilities the modern way.


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