Service365: Innovative On-Site Solvent Recycling at No Cost to You

The complete solvent recycling service.

Running a solvent distillation unit can be an organizational headache. Buying a unit is a huge capital expense, it doesn’t reduce your waste as much as they said it would, and facility workers don’t like operating them.

But none of that needs to be true. With our on-site solvent recycling Service365 you don’t need to worry about a capital expense. Our team provides ongoing maintenance and training whenever you need it. And we offer 24/7 monitoring and tracking no other company in the industry provides.

Unparalleled Waste Reduction & Solvent Savings

Save Big with a True Solvent Recycling Partner

A distillation unit is a huge capital expense for your company. And when you factor in the costs of ongoing maintenance, repairs, upgrades, and new training whenever there’s personnel turnover, it’s easy to wonder if you’re even saving any money.

Now imagine not having to write the big check to buy the unit, or not paying for maintenance, and never paying for upgrades or even a new unit.

With CleanPlanet’s solvent recycling service, the only expenses you have to worry about are the clean solvent our machine produces and much smaller waste disposal fees.

The only way we make money is if you’re saving money. Which means we’re here for the long haul. We have a vested interest in your machine performing at its best, every single day. In essence, we are a true solvent recycling partner helping you maximize your savings unlike anyone else in the industry.

How our Service365 Solvent Recycling Service Works

Step 1: Evaluation

Our experts will talk with you about your process and solvent waste stream to determine which of our machines is the right match for your facility.

They’ll also help determine where in your facility is the right location to best fit your current processes and maintain a safe environement.

Step 2: Installation & Training

After the CleanPlanet Chemical machine arrives at your facility, our technicians will install and optimize the equipment to your needs. We’ll train multiple members of your team on how to use the machine and make sure the process is smooth and the machine is performing optimally before we leave.

Step 3: Ongoing Monitoring & Optimization

Our machines use our patented Precision Distillation process to recycle your waste solvent into clean solvent to use in your operation. Our team monitors your unit remotely to ensure it’s operating at peak efficiency. If we spot an issue, we’ll fix it right away.

Using our Athena online tracking system, you can see exactly how much clean solvent and waste your unit is producing and most importantly, how much you’re saving.

Step 4: Maintenance, Repairs, & Upgrades

If, at any time, your machine needs maintenance or repairs, our technicians will take care of it at no cost to you. And if your production volume goes up, we’ll upgrade your machine for free.

If you think this program could work in your facility contact us and one of our specialists will walk you through all the details and answer any questions you may have.

Discover Safer Solvent Recycling

Safety is the top priority in your facility and so we’ve built our distillation unit with more safety features than we could possibly list in this short paragraph.

Our units include 40+ sensors with redundancy after redundancy to ensure your solvent recycling unit is running efficiently and safely. Visit our safety page to learn how we keep your employees and facility safe while running our distillation units.

Frequently Asked Questions


With Service365 your only expense is the solvent. With this one of a kind program, you eliminate all maintenance and repair costs, which, as a unit ages, can amount to thousands of dollars annually in addition to the unit down time.

Plus, if you ever want to upgrade to a larger unit, it costs you nothing. And you have a long term partner who is incentivized to maximize your solvent recycling saving you additional money in waste costs.

Because you don’t own the unit, it’s as simple as swapping out your current machine for a new one that can handle your increased volume. We’ll take care of setup and make sure your team is trained on operating the new machine

Purchasing the unit is an option. If you do purchase, you can also sign up for our maintenance and monitoring service. Our team will take care of all repairs and monitor your machine 24/7 to ensure it is running well.


Our team is responsible for all maintenance on the unit. By monitoring 24/7, we can spot any potential problems and take care of them quickly to minimize any downtime.

With Service365 you never pay for service visits. Your only expense is the clean solvent that comes out of the unit.

When you sign up for Service365 we take care of all maintenance necessary to keep your machine running, including prevenative maintenance. We provide visits to change oil, replace wear-parts, clean, and optimize your system on a regular schedule that depends on the type of unit you are operating

We attempt to address all issues with our recyclers as soon as possible. Depending on the urgency of the issue we often times can be there by the next day. Having a recycler that doesn’t work affects your business and means we aren’t making money. It’s in everyone’s best interest to get your recycler up and running right away.


Our solvent recyclers are designed and certified to operate in Class 1 Div 1 hazardous locations, utilizing explosion proof housings and air purge cabinets for all high voltage components, and intrinsically safe power for all other components.

Yes, our units include secondary containment. In the unlikely event of a leak our system will contain the liquid and a sensor will shut down the machine. You can learn more about all our safety features on our safe solvent recycling page.

Yes, we do have units configured to safely recycle material containing nitro-cellulose. Please visit our safe solvent recycling page for more information.

Due to our closed-loop vapor management system, the VOC emissions from our units are classified as “de minimis” and are therefore outside of the requirement for permitting or other regulation. Our solvent recyclers emit less than 3kG per day of VOCs (.04% of the volume of material processed).

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Begin to reduce costs, waste and liabilities the modern way.


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