Ship & Shore Environmental

Ship & Shore Environmental is your complete source for industrial air pollution capture and control solutions. As your engineering partner, they help their clients make cost effective decisions on oxidizer and clean tech equipment selections that comply with the most stringent air quality rules and regulations. Through years of industry experience, Ship & Shore engineers have  extensive process knowledge and unparalleled expertise for the printing, packaging, painting, coating, chemical, automotive, finishing, pharmaceutical, and other industrial operations.

Waste Energy Recovery
Ship & Shore has the expertise to custom design systems for capturing waste heat, energy, or resources produced during various manufacturing processes and redirect it to other areas of production, saving and re-using energy while reducing operating costs.

Air Permitting
Ship & Shore systems have met and continue to meet the most stringent air quality permit requirements. They provide all support, drawings, calculations, and technical assistance needed for state and local air permit applications and modifications. Ship & Shore Engineers can also assist with any required Annual Emissions Reporting.

Aftermarket Services
Ship & Shore Environmental’s Oxidizer First Response Team offers complete aftermarket service and maintenance items including Preventive Maintenance (PM) Inspections, oxidizer replacement and upgrades, PLC and HMI upgrades, remote assessment and troubleshoot features, ozone abatement, and other services.

Incentives & Rebates
Ship & Shore energy-efficient technology and waste energy recovery options tend to be qualified for rebates. Utility companies offer cash incentives to mitigate costs associated with these efforts. Ship & Shore has helped many of their customers apply for and receive hundreds of thousands of dollars in rebates from these government-funded programs

Products & Services
Ship & Shore Environmental specializes in the engineering, design, in-house fabrication, and servicing of a wide variety of pollution abatement equipment including but not limited to: Regenerative Thermal Oxidizers (RTOs) as well as Direct Fired Thermal Oxidizers, Permanent Total Enclosures (PTEs), or other technologies. Their equipment is custom designed to fit each unique process application with capabilities of greater than 99% destruction efficiency, 95% thermal efficiency, and very low operating costs.

In addition to providing custom Solvent, Chemical, or Volatile Organic Compound (VOC) Abatement solutions, Ship & Shore also provides several plant optimization services that can help your facility increase plant efficiency while simultaneously reducing operational costs.

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