Solvent Recyclers powered by PrecisionDistillation

Solvent Recycling Reinvented.

The distillation industry has wildly underinvested in innovation – most equipment sold today is indistinguishable from that manufactured 30 years ago. As one of the leading manufacturers of distillation equipment for the past 20 years, we should know. It was only by spending the last decade operating equipment alongside our customers that  we learned the multitude of ways that advances in modern technology could improve the quality, ease the burden, and improve the safety of the distillation process.

With advances in technology and the thoughtful application of design principles to optimally integrate equipment with human processes, we created our line of smart solvent recyclers with PrecisionDistillationTM technology. Today CleanPlanet offers the industry’s most advanced, easiest to use, and safest means of producing virgin-like quality solvent from your waste.

The world's smartest solvent recyclers

PrecisionDistillation™ makes it easy.  Built into our solvent recycling system are the latest advancements in recycling technology. Control algorithms monitor a multitude of sensors to automatically recycle your waste. In fact, our solvent recycling equipment requires less than ten minutes a day of your attention.  Internal, automated Quality Control technologies prevent any contamination or discoloring, and ensure you’re recovering as much material as possible.  Diagnostic data is continuously sent to our Athena web portal, enabling our engineers to monitor and optimize your recycler 24/7.

We make it easy to implement our solution  no matter your situation. Whether you’re generating 5 gallon or 2,000 gallons of waste per day, we have a solvent recycler to meet your needs.

AlwaysClean 350


400 - 600G

(1,500 - 2,250 L)


350 - 500 G

(1,325 - 1,900 L)

AlwaysClean 150


150 - 300G

(568 - 1,136 L)


110 - 220 G

(416 - 832 L)

AlwaysClean 1000


900 - 1,200G

(3,400 - 4,540 L)


800 - 1,150G

(3,030 - 4,350 L)

A-Series Batch Units


5 - 100G

(19 - 379 L)


3 - 90G

(11 - 340 L)

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