Common Solvent Recycling Myths Busted

Have you bought in to one of these solvent recycling myths? Learn why these myths are no longer true and discover a new option in solvent recycling. 

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With all the misconceptions about solvent recovery out there, we felt it was time to bust some of the top myths we hear in our industry.

Many facilities who were early adopters of solvent recovery systems may have run into some of these issues. But advancements in technology, time and costs have caught up. so let’s set the record straight

One of the most common things we hear when talking to purchasing, plant managers, and EHS managers is that the upfront investment in solvent recovery is prohibitively expensive; plus there are lots of ongoing costs that make the investment questionable in the first place.

Myth #1: Solvent Recovery is Too Expensive

Fact: While many companies today still offer a traditional approach to on site solvent recovery—massive equipment investments, ongoing customer maintenance requirements, expensive consumable items such as bags and oil—there is a better way.

At CleanPlanet, this was one of our driving forces for changing the approach to solvent recovery.

We understood how that myth could become a reality for companies trying to undertake sustainability measures and just do the right thing. The fact is solvent recovery can be a cost-savings measure. Here is how we are busting this myth:

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  • MythBuster: Upfront equipment costs are not required. At CleanPlanet, we believe that solvent recovery is a partnership — we provide you with the solvent distillation equipment at no cost, get you up and running, and charge you for the end result—the recycled chemical—at a discounted price. No more ROI analysis or capital allocation requests.
  • MythBuster: Ongoing maintenance requirements and high costs for consumable items are a thing of the past. At CleanPlanet, we back up our technology 100% — if anything goes wrong, we fix it. Period. Plus we also cover all consumables.
  • MythBuster: You don’t have to wait months or even years to see the ROI. With CleanPlanet, because you do not have upfront costs or any ongoing costs, and the recovered chemicals are priced at 20% less than you currently pay, you realize savings right from the start. Day 1. Guaranteed.

If you’re interested in our approach to on-site recycling, take a look at our solvent recycling service.

Myth #2: Solvent Recycling is Time and Resource Intensive

Fact: While traditional onsite solvent recovery equipment often requires near full-time attention to operate, maintain and repair—there is a better way.

At CleanPlanet, we inherently understand that facilities are constantly looking to increase production, decrease costs and become more efficient. Dedicating staff to solvent recovery equipment doesn’t help anyone’s top or bottom line.

The fact is, however, that solvent recovery doesn’t have to take much time or energy from your team.

Here is how we are busting this myth:

  • MythBuster: Full-time or partially dedicated resources to manage the solvent recovery process are a thing of the past. With CleanPlanet’s new patented technology, your team’s only job is transferring the spent chemical to the recycling equipment and hitting start—resulting in clean, virgin-quality product ready to use again and again. There are no bags to change out, no waste to manage; it all happens automatically.
  • MythBuster: Ongoing maintenance of equipment is also a thing of the past. At CleanPlanet, we take care of the solvent recycling equipment as part of our standard program, ensuring that it runs correctly and optimally month in and month out. We take this commitment a step further by monitoring the equipment’s operating parameters wirelessly, enabling us to react proactively to any changes in performance.

We recognize that you have more productive uses of your time and resources than to manage a solvent recycling program. But, this shouldn’t be a deterrent to recovering your spent solvent. Let us help you.

Learn more about our approach to on-site recycling.


CleanPlanet partners with its customers to ensure they are maximizing their onsite chemical recycling. Our advanced distillation technology allows our customers to recover more chemical than any other distillation unit. If you’re struggling with an underperforming distillation unit reach out to our team to see how we can help.


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