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What is Service365: Reinventing Recycling & Solvent Recyclers

Our Key Accounts Manager, Waldo Gonzalez, explains how recycling your solvent with CleanPlanet’s Service365 completely changes how you manage your solvent waste.

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The Problem With Solvent Recycling

In the lifetime of CleanPlanet and our revolutionary and unique Service365 model and approach to solvent recycling, I have yet to come across a prospective or current customer who doesn’t agree that solvent recycling is a time tested and proven way to save money, reduce waste, and better control supply. I also haven’t met a customer who wants “to deal” with any extra hassles on a daily basis, particularly from their solvent distillation equipment. Why? Because time isn’t something you can get back, and having the time to solely focus on your recycling operation, maintenance, and efficiency isn’t possible. For most (that translates to all) customers, solvent recycling is not their top priority. It is not the place where they want to deploy capital, devote management attention, or commit scarce operational resources.

The Solution: Service365

So, what is Service365? We’ll get into the details of that in a moment, but in simpler terms, harkening back to simpler slower times, when tidy numbered combo meals and fast casual concepts didn’t exist, when in my small town Dairy Queen was king, they offered “The Full Meal Deal”; food, drink, AND ice cream. I would ask what could be better, but my task is to answer, what is Service365? In short, it is meeting all of your solvent recycling needs, from installation and training, to 24/7 monitoring, maintenance, real time reporting, all the while requiring not a penny of your capital for our equipment, or any parts, service, or labor. Service365 is The Full Meal Deal!

Maintaining and repairing your solvent recycler on your own is a job you don’t want, nor is it a job that you need to take on. CleanPlanet personnel spend a significant amount of time all year long in manufacturing plants across North America. We know that diverting your maintenance staff’s precious time to your solvent recycling equipment is not a valuable use of their time, and is at the bottom of their list of priorities to keep your operation running smoothly. This is where Service365 comes in.

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How Service365 Works

Here is how it works:

  • Our application engineers review your process and solvent waste stream (including volume) to optimize safety and recyclability. This scrupulous review leads to determining which of our recyclers is best for you.
  • CleanPlanet’s expert team works with you to identify the safest location that best fits your process, where we will install the world’s most advanced solvent recycling equipment.
  • CleanPlanet ships the solvent recycler to you at our expense.
  • Our technicians install and optimize the solvent recycler according to your specific needs.
  • We then train and certify multiple operators to properly use the solvent recycler.
  • Using our Patented PrecisionDistillation process, we will convert your waste solvent into “water white”, clean, virgin-like solvent ready to use in your process.
  • We monitor your unit 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. 
  • With our ATHENA web portal, CleanPlanet gives you the ability to monitor waste volume in, clean volume out, and most importantly, how much money you are saving. 
  • Remember, maintenance and repairs to your solvent recycler are OUR responsibility, and we maintain an ongoing proactive schedule to ensure peak performance for years to come.
  • As new technology is developed, or as your needs change, we will upgrade your solvent recycler at no charge.
  • All you do is pay for the significantly discounted gallons of clean solvent our equipment produces.

Solvent Recycling Is Our Top Priority

CleanPlanet understands that the handful of bullet points above represent so much more, however the short version is that solvent recycling is NOT your top priority, but it is ours! If you manufacture automobiles, coatings, or perhaps print millions of feet of flexible packaging per day, if you use solvent, you have revenue generating processes that require and deserve your attention. You may pay us for the extraordinary solvent we produce, but we earn our keep by focusing our attention on keeping your recycling operation dialed in at all times. Without that attention, when you are doing this on your own, we are talking about machines. Machines whose performance and values will inevitably decline. 

A Solvent Recycling Partner

CleanPlanet partners with you to ensure long-term success: installation and training, 24/7 monitoring, maintenance, real time reporting, no capital required for our equipment, parts, service, or labor. NO CAPEX for our state-of-the-art solvent recyclers is a groundbreaking concept in our industry, but after that, we don’t just give you a little bit more. We give much, much more, at no additional cost to you! Perhaps it’s debatable if Service365 is better than a tasty meal, beverage, and ice cream. But, in the manufacturing world, if there is such a thing as The Full Meal Deal, CleanPlanet has it. It’s called Service365!

Want to learn more about recycling your solvent with Service365? 

Want to learn more about recycling your solvent with Service365? 

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Begin to reduce costs, waste and liabilities the modern way.


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