Your operation is leaking value

Maintaining, operating, and optimizing a solvent recycler on your own is difficult. Without someone to focus solely on your solvent recycling operation, performance and value will inevitably decline.
Your recycler isn’t operating as often as the financial model said it would.  Whether your operator is sick, leaves the company, is pulled away to work on something else, or just doesn’t run the machine because it’s a difficult, dirty job, the result is the same — your expensive asset sits idle.

Our equipment is designed with the end-user in mind, meaning your personnell will find the equipment easy and safe to operate.  Automated communication will prompt you whenever your recycler needs attention. 

While your machine awaits maintenance or repair, you have no choice but to buy virgin and pay for waste disposal.

Maintenance and Repair is our responsibility. Data from 70 independent sensors allow us to see and address issues before they become a problem.

As your machine ages, it’s yield drops. Every gallon you process provides less clean material, requiring more virgin purchases.

CleanPlanet: PrecisionDistillation™ utilizes 70 independent sensors and advanced control algorithms to maximize efficiency and output.  Preventative and other maintenance ensures keep the recycler is in peak condition.
When the recycler isn’t properly maintained, it produces recycled solvent that inevitably doesn’t clean as well, is discolored, and/or has a foul odor. Your operators don’t trust it to do the job and substitute virgin instead.

Our advanced technology prevents and contamination or discoloration and ensures that your recovered solvent will be as high, and often higher, quality than the virgin material you originally purchased.

These leaks add up. Your solvent recycler isn't saving you money like you thought it would. Let CleanPlanet stop the leaks.

Find out just how much value your operation is leaking
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